There are two aspects, which may seem contradictory, about
Shamsudhin's work.One is abstract and painstakingly accurate geometric
forms derived by mathematical thinking which manifest mostly in his
sculptural creations.This has been recognised by late Ramji, the famed
art critic, in his review of Shamsudhin's first one man show in 1982. in Cochin:

“He carries the mathematical
way of thinking into the domain of art and helps to bridge the gulf between
artistic awareness and mathematical knowledge and he succeeds impressively
in his attempts, as his works show. It is evident that he is able to fathom the
core of geometry and its inherent corelation of surfaces and lines and he is
able to translate this awareness in to creative works which trancends mundane
geometry and lifts it into the realm of creative art.
The creation of rhythms inherent in mathematics into art forms which give
scope for individual creativity, is the keynote of his works. And by virtue of
this his works are highly personal and entirely in a different mileu from the
traditional, modernistic and avante garde too. It is no exaggeration to state
that young Shamsudhin has arrived and that too in a very impressive manner”.

The other one is subjective sublimations in his paintings as articulated by
Rajeev Poduval in his review of his work:

" There is an inherent sense of agony and pain that haunts his sculptures.
Many of his sculptures are thematically very existential with angst laden figures.
His human figures are always tormented.Often the elongated and distorted
figures express emotional derangement while figures of persecution such as
'The Crucifixion' evoke a sense of paroxysm and , it is also a mummified and
putrid human form." Rajeev Poduval, Panorama, Gulf Today, Dec.15,2000.

The left-brain-right-brain conundrum somehow fuses in his fertile brain !